Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A New Lease on Life

The power of reconstructive surgery following an accident 


Take your life back! When the extent of a catastrophic accident is grand, so grand that it’s poised to change your appearance, don’t let it! Salvation awaits in reconstructive surgery, the medical practice comprised of cosmetic procedures that aim to reestablish the form and function of the body.

When a calamitous mishap aims to pin you to a life of grief, reconstructive surgery introduces optimism into the conversation. Medical technology advances more and more every year, bringing with it developments in cosmetic and plastic surgery. As a result, reconstructive surgery can offer the second chances that any individual would be hard-pressed to pass up.

Just make sure it’s a talented surgeon doing the work. Even though reconstructive surgery has never been more accessible, it’s still delicate. In the St. Louis area, Dr. Hart of the Hart Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Institute, has been using his knowledge, skills, and expertise to reconstruct bodies and faces for years. Visit his website or call (314)-991-1700 and start your new journey, today!