Monday, October 27, 2014

Liposuction Myths

St. Louis Top Plastic Surgeon Breaks It Down

Many lies have been spread about liposuction throughout the years. Often it is either too highly criticized or too highly praised. We are here to debunk these falsifications.

Lipo is only a Weight Loss Tool

The prime goal of liposuction is to repair contouring issues following diets and exercise, not to lose weight. It is most effective either before a weight loss plan, or after.

Fat Reappears Elsewhere Following Lipo

Once fat is removed from an area through liposuction, new fat emerges in a different location - laughable. Fat cells do not distribute evenly, after lipo there is no way they will suddenly begin to do so.

Your Too Old

Age is not an establishing factor of liposuction. It is a procedure whose use is assessed through body type and health. There are many fit, elderly folks who qualify for it.

The brunt of these lies originated from a time when liposuction was taboo. However, now it is a perfectly common procedure, one which Dr. Hart of the Hart Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Institute, excels at amongst other.

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